Hey lovelies!

So I’m sitting here listening to 6lack and I thinks it’s time to talk about sex, and letting your freak flag fly. Today we live in a society where people are a lot more vocal with their judgment and criticism of others that may not behave the way they deem appropriate. Especially when it comes to sex and being open about what you enjoy sexually; I believe that it’s important that everyone knows what they like when it comes to sex and pleasure. Sex is not meant to be one-sided so if you have a partner who only cares about themselves and their orgasms, it’s time for you to re-evaluate the person that you are having sex with. It’s 2018 people so you should not be dealing with selfish lovers; now it’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you like when it comes to sex, this is why I’m writing this post to let you know that it’s okay to experiment and find out what you like and what you don’t like. If you’ve never masturbated then I suggest starting there because how do you expect someone else to bring you to climax when you haven’t even yet? Also I suggest watching porn to see what appeals to you and buy a toy or two while you’re at it. Now that you’ve given yourself a little self love and did a little research, tryout what you learnt with your partner to see if that is something that you’ll truly enjoy; let your inner freak out and have fun but also remember to be safe and use protection with whoever you’re sleeping with because safety first. When I  say let your inner freak out I’m not saying go completely against what you are comfortable with, for instance if threesomes aren’t your thing then don’t try them and if anal isn’t your thing then leave that alone because it’s not for everyone. I’m just trying to say that sex doesn’t have to be boring because life is too short for boring sex, so find your inner seductress and let her out. Find your passion and embrace the pleasure that is meant for you. Let your partner know what you like and be confident when telling them and make sure that they eat the cookie because let’s face it, it’s amazing, but remember sex is about reciprocity so if you’re not for giving head you can’t be mad if they don’t wanna go down on you; I’m not saying that it’s right for them to do that but if you aren’t giving head in return you just gotta respect their pettiness. So be a freak baby and be proud about it.



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