Hey lovelies!

Let me start by saying that dating in your late twenties is not fun at all, throw in doing it online and it becomes pure torture. Between weeding through all of those profiles, examining their pictures and reading the cliff notes version of their best attributes it’s starting to feel like a second job. I’ve been on Bumble online dating app for about two months after getting off of Tinder (🤦🏾‍♀️) and baybay let me tell you the things that some of these guys say is wild! I’ve encountered so many guys who I’ve barely spoken two words to ask me if I’m down for sex, like are you serious? And don’t even get me started on the ones with fetishes, because some of them will blow your mind. But let me get back to the guys that are in my inbox looking for sex when my profile clearly states that I’m not looking for fwb or a one night stand but clearly they think they can change my mind. Don’t get me wrong there are some really nice guys on there with a lot of potential but usually there isn’t any chemistry between us or the conversation just fades out. So now here I am trying to decide on whether I should continue online dating in hopes of meeting the right man for me, even though I’ve encountered so many duds or do I get off of this dating app and try my luck the old fashion way? It’s a tough decision but one thing I know for sure is that being single is not as fun as it was when I was 21, and now that I’m 29 I want something serious and long lasting, even if that means kissing a lot of frogs until I get my Prince.



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