Hey lovelies!!

Today I want to talk about reciprocity and how it is fundamental in any relationship you have. I’ve learned over my many years of dating that if you don’t have reciprocity then your relationship will eventually fail. Now I know that some of you may be skeptical about my claims but trust me when I tell you that when you are with someone and you are the only one that is giving and communicating and showing interest in your significant other, you will eventually start to grow ill feelings toward that person. Relationships are about building and growing with each other and about you both putting forth an effort to make that foundation that your relationship sits on strong and if only one of you is doing the work it will crumble eventually. You can’t constantly pour into another person without them doing the same because eventually you will be empty while they are full. You have to love yourself enough to know when to walk away when that person is not returning the affection, attention, communication and peace that you are giving them. Do not forsake your own happiness for others because then that sets that stage for resentment to grow and trust me you do not want that in your heart and mind. I’m saying all of this because I’ve been in relationships where my significant other did not understand or give me the same energy that I was giving them and they really didn’t comprehend how important reciprocity is in a relationship; so it eventually got to the point where I didn’t have anything left to give him and I got to the point where I had to choose me instead of the man I loved because he couldn’t give me what I needed to stay in that relationship. I poured so much into him without him doing the same that it got to the point where I started to resent him and the relationship, and that’s when I ended it because if I have to constantly remind you that I am worthy of your love, time, affection, attention, etc. what’s the point of even being with you? So for those of you that are currently in this type of relationship I hope that the person you are with begins to give you all the things that you require in your relationship but if they don’t I hope that you realize that you deserve more and that you should be a priority in their life.



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