Hey lovelies!!

Do you ever wonder why there are certain people that you just can’t seem to let go of? I know I certainly do and I know that I’ve been in a situation with a man that I was dating off and on for three years and throughout those three years we had a lot of good times and bad times but for the life of me I just couldn’t let him go, no matter how much I told myself that I should. We had met when we were eighteen years old so it was definitely young love but it was intense. The beginning of our relationship started off great but as it progressed over the years I began to realize how incompatible we really were. We wanted different things for our lives and he wasn’t as emotionally available as I would’ve liked, but even though he lacked in certain areas I couldn’t let him go and he couldn’t let me go. So my question is why is it so hard to let go of someone or something that isn’t good for you?



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