Hey Lovelies!!

So I have a story for you all today, which you can probably tell from the title. So let’s just get started. A few years ago I was dating this guy who happened to be white, now for those of you who don’t know I don’t discriminate, I date any man that appeals to me regardless of their race. So anyway this man that I’ll be calling “M” pursued me hard, and if I’m being honest he basically forced me to be in a relationship with him. You see I wanted to take things slow so that we could really get to know one another but he was not feeling that so we ended up dating, that was a mistake on my part. Well when the relationship started I didn’t realize that he was harboring racist views and that he was also pretty sexist. He hid it very well, but as you well know you can only hide your true self but for so long. So one particular day I’m over at his apartment having a movie day with his roommate when he comes in from the gym and starts a rant against black women 👀 again I remind you that I am a black woman, a proud black woman so I had to pause like “is he really about to talk down on black women while I’m sitting right here?” Y’all he really tried it that day. So he starts off by saying how black women are less intelligent and don’t pursue a higher education because we have kids by different men, 👀 and how we don’t know how to support ourselves and live off government assistance and how we are ghetto and just basically trash and therefore lacking compared to other nationalities. At this point I’m pissed, like “bitch who the fuck do you think you are?” I mean I am boiling inside but on the outside I’m cooler than a cucumber. I’m like nah you’re not about to bash black women in front of me, not today, not ever. So I proceed to hit him with the facts and then read him for filth. I know so many educated and financially independent black, one of which is myself. I several family members that are successful business owners, so for him to throw out that narrow minded, bigoted view just blew me. My thing is how dare you say that you want to be with me then turn around bash me and my people? Nah boo that’s not happening over here.

Us black girls are magic and not everyone can handle us, so don’t throw your racist world view on us because you have been found lacking. Seriously y’all I had to shut it his ass down and then I dumped him. I don’t need any man in my life that deals in hate and bigotry. I am proud of who I am and I won’t ever let anyone try and belittle me or my people.



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