Hey Lovelies!!

It’s hard out here and adulting is a struggle, so recently I talked to my sister and I mentioned how I’m two seconds away from finding me a Glucose guardian. Now I know that having a sugar daddy is slightly frowned upon because when most people hear sugar daddy they think of young women getting paid by older men to basically have sex and date them. I mean yes that can be the case for some but not for all, for some it’s all about companionship. Talking to my sister I decided to do a bit of research into how one goes about finding a sugar daddy, with that I found a few interesting sites that I signed up for so that I could see what they were all about. Now please don’t look at me with those judgmental eyes I did eventually delete every profile that I created. I wanted to do my due diligence for you lovelies just in case y’all decide to one day jump on the sugar daddy band wagon. So I joined three sites and honestly they weren’t that bad and the conversation between the men I spoke to was interesting and a huge contrast from the men in my age group. Not once while I was one either of the three sites was I propositioned for sex, which I will admit I was slightly surprised about. The first site I joined was Seeking Arrangement which is free for college students. This particular site seemed pretty high class to the other ones that I came across and the sugar daddies are verified and it is apparently the number one dating site for those looking for sugar babies and sugar daddies. The second site I signed up for is for all my ladies with that wanderlust spirit; it’s called Miss Travel and as the name suggests it’s geared towards people who are looking for sugar daddies to travel the world with or who want to travel on their own and have someone else finance their trip. The last website I joined had this amazing feature called a gift wishlist where you can pick different items that range in price and put them on your wishlist for your potential sugar daddy to purchase for you; that website is Sugar Daddy Meet … now I am not trying to force this lifestyle on anyone but I did feel the need to speak on it because I have encountered so many women who have mentioned becoming a sugar baby. I do not want any of those women to go into this type of relationship blindly, I strongly suggest that those of you who are interested in a sugar daddy do your research before jumping into a relationship because it’s not for everyone. I also suggest that you set boundaries and let someone know what you are doing because there are some crazy people in this world. The key is to be smart and safe when entering into this sort of arrangement and to never allow them to degrade you. Know what you will and will not accept and do not settle for anything less. I hope that this post has helped a few of you that were on the fence about getting a glucose guardian. Stay safe and be fierce.


Alicia 💋

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